Here's the words that we
 frequently use:

aw - used to tell when your hurt or surrised
*fireworks sound* - done by Jam, when he got entertained with something. 
ang tiyaka - Jelos' Favorite Reaction means Corny 
aw trashtalk - the phrase that you would tell if sombody is making fun at you
ay coookie - an annoying sound made by jam and his company; a gay sound
ayiee - to tease someone who had a crush on a student entering/being *pagusapan* in 
the class
aysows - expression to say that something is just easy
bruno - It is the gender of the male
buh - word made by jam, used to approach people
dash clear - expression when you cannot add something to what is your topic; for short "barado"
dash okey - expression used when you are not in mood to trash talk anyone; when you want to make your classmate stop talking
eazzy - used to tell someone to calm down
eow pfouhsxz - saying hello to someone using the jejemon language fliptop - a rap battle by boys, used to tease someone
Gagi- jaylor’s starting word when annoying someone
hala ! - used to say when surprised and like you dont want to do that task
Hala - Jaylors Favorite Reaction 
Hala ang panget - DOTA Boys favorite reaction
IMBAhan - Favorite Hobby Means DOTA 
Itanong mo kay Kuya Jobert - It means that if you dont know the answer.. Say this sentence
jerrbakkks - a group composed of eleven students from silver; this group is always laughing, and noisy
joke yun ? - used to tell someone when his/her joke is so korni makaraos lang - silver's most famous word; to tell that something is okay even it is not 
just for the sake of passing a project/assignment on time
Matatapos na naman yung araw na walang kahirap hirap -  Allens Favorite Sentence means theres no teachers
nice joke - when the joke is not that funny
nice one ! - expression when someone has appreciated your classmate's work or the 
teacher told everyone about someone's good deed 
oh talaga, di nga? - when you want your classmate to stop talking; when you are not 
believing to someone's idea
OT - the favorite thing of our math teacher
ows talaga ? - used to express yourself when surprised
pakopya - the last choice when you cannot answer anything to your exam
para kang papa mo! - use to describe any doing that irritates someone
Payag ka - Jaylor's Favorite Phrase in every question
Putsang-garas - bad words
Tara 1 on 1 - Levins Favorite Phrase means duel 1 on 1 in DOTA tikina - a cuter term of a bad word
tugs tugs tugs - sound to tell jaylor to dance; done when happy tungsten/wolfram - ma'am tabernero's version of TANGA :)) ukie ah – when you appreciate someone’s work 
weh ? - when you cant believe to what your classmate has just announced
wushoo/wuzoo- reaction if you don't believe something that your classmate's telling you